A neon green laser hits a bunker door and causes smoke and thousands of pieces of debris to fly in every direction. Our aged, but good-looking hero strolls in, defused the bomb and saves the kidnapped Princess, with only 2 seconds to spare!


As I walk towards the cinema car park, I can’t help but smile and convince myself that I too will one day save the world, and have a great muscular body like our spy hero did. However, often by the time I have turned back on my phone, stressed about tomorrows early morning meeting and started to think dinner options, my newly promise health promises have all but been forgotten.I have battled my waistline and bad eating habits since I was young and fell in love with Strawberry Cheesecake.


However, in recent years, I have been much happier with my body and overall health, for which I consider my keys to success coming directly from 2 key elements. Increasing my wellness knowledge and creating my own permanent motivations.

Knowledge I will cover another time, but for permanent motivations, please find below, my personal tips and tricks that worked for me, and resulted in losing nearly half my weight, then sustaining a healthy lifestyle ever since.

The 5 tips that worked! (for me)

1. Curry night
Once a week, I plan for a treat night. However, this runs with the agreement that should at any point before my appointment, I eat unhealthy, then it’s cancelled. Thus far, nothing trumps curry for me, and it’s good to look forward to something.



2. Routine
I hate wasting hard work at the gym, by snacking on something unhealthy later that day. Therefore, I tend to do my gym sessions early in the morning, which keeps my mind focused for the rest of day.




3. Self punishment
At the risk of sounding counter-productive (remember this is just what has worked for me) on occasions when I have over-indulged, I ban myself from going to the gym for a short period. This small punishment teaches me to not do it again so fast. After these days I am buzzing and craving to return and with a renewed passion, I often lift heavier than ever before.


4. Feel fat
If I am bigger than I want, I usually opt for a pair of jeans 1 size too small. So every turn and twist when I wear them, acts as a constant reminder that my gut is too large, and requires attention.



5. Better movies
Admittedly I started this page by saying that some movies give only short motivation, however there are about 2 or 3 movies I’ve found in my lifetime that not only continue to inspire me, but do give me prolonged motivation (mostly about sports teams, overcoming great odds)


These are just my tips, and I don’t recommend them for everyone as everyone is different, however little things like changing your phone wallpaper to an inspirational picture, or buying a fancy glass water bottle to make sure you drink plenty of clean H20 more often can really help create small, but continuous motivation!


Do you have any good long-term motivation tips you would like to share? Comment below

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