Customer Story: Mike

I’ve never felt more alive!

My name is Mike, and I am 34 from England, living in Bangkok for 3 years.

I am proud to say I am winning the battle against obesity finally, but just 1 year ago, I was so out of shape my airwaves would frequently close as I slept. My body always developed new soars and rashes every week and I was very depressed.  I just didn’t know how to fix myself - I was living in nutrition ignorance and it was slowly killing me.

I would daydream about being in shape, and list all the things I would start doing if I was thinner, but day dreaming and actually putting your goals into action are two very different things.

....That’s when I discovered Raw and Honest.

I could write a book on the diets I have tried, which to be fair, most actually did work to some degree, however I couldn’t understand why the weight kept coming back after. When I met Christov he was brutally honest with me (as he said he would be) and highlighted some basic, yet important facts I was missing from my previous failed attempts. Knowledge and motivation.

“Permanent health, requires permanent change”


Looking back now it seems so obvious, but he was totally right, dieting and then switching back to my old eating habits would have never worked, so instead he helped me to make minor changes to my existing lifestyle, ones I could both afford and achieve.

His wonderful staff delivered me 3 fresh and very large fruit and vegetable juices every per day.  I drank 2 every morning and saved another for later when I needed a snack. He told me to still try and eat my regular (unhealthy) meals, but the problem was… I couldn’t! I was so filled up with these juices, I either didn’t want or couldn’t fit in those late night treats I was accustomed too, so in the end I just stopped preparing them.

“You are what you eat”


Little by little my weight was coming off, and I hadn’t really done anything. He could see that I was motivated by small targets, so we changed my diet according to how my body was reacting, and it continued to reshape itself to what I was putting into it. I started making small tasks that I can achieve, which felt so amazing when I ticked them off. Even my sleep patterns were improving.

When family, friends and workmates starting complimenting me, it made me even more motivated. So I started learning about more about healthy foods, setting myself bigger and bigger goals and of course, continued juicing, (even making my own from time to time).

After so many false starts, I had finally got my health rolling in the right direction.

"Healthy body, healthy mind"


Last year I would have listed excuse after excuse and blamed my weight on everything other than myself.

But today having lost over 35kg in total, I rarely spend a day indoors, am confident and I seize every moment of precious life I can. My mind is so much clearer now, and I am sure that’s down to the vitamins that are flowing through my body.


Even though I only juice occasionally, Chris and I have kept in touch, and I am still thankful for finding a way to break my habits of a lifetime, by slowly changing my lifestyle with an achievable diet, and using that as a kick-start to venture out on my own.

Do you have an inspirational story you would like to share? 

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